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Wealth Protection Tools

  1. Comprehensive Personal/Family Questionnaire
  2. Wills
  3. Powers of Attorney (Property and Personal Care)
  4. Trusts
  5. Re-structure Corporate and/or Real Estate holdings
  6. Special Agreements
  7. Insurance - Life, casualty etc.
  8. Investment Counselling

Strategic Opportunities and
Business Exit Strategies

  1. Next generation transfer
  2. Tax minimization strategies
  3. Creditor protection strategies



Estate Planning & Wealth Protection


De Rubeis, Chetcuti LLP is a firm with offices in Ontario (Hamilton and Dundas) and Nova Scotia (Dartmouth). We are in our 35th year of the practice of law.

Our firm has a long history of practice in Wills and Personal Estates which includes acting as counsel to various trust companies engaged in estate planning and the administration of estates. We complement our Wills and Estates practice with focus on real estate, mortgages, business and corporate law.

Adding to our in-house expertise in our practice areas, we have developed a solid network of advisors and practitioners in other areas of wealth management who we may engage in wealth protection services for our clients. Our emphasis is on the "Holistic" approach to the client, the family and its assets. A properly considered and implemented Estate Plan for Wealth Protection will include many legal documents which can involve not only the guidance and expertise of Canadian (and possibly U.S.) business, real estate and estate lawyers but also tax specialists, insurance specialists and financial advisors. On the following pages, we set out a synopsis of the typical opportunities for individuals, families and businesses in the world of wealth protection as well as the typical tools employed in this area of law.

Wealth Protection Tools >>

Strategic Opportunities
and Business Exit Strategies >>

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Contact us at 905.525.8873 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and begin the estate planning process.


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